Early-to-mid-80's Norwegian pre-teen hardcore ensemble featuring Thomas and Bengt - both at the age of ca. 13 (!) - on guitars and vocals backed by their slightly older friends Rolf and Espen on drums and bass. A couple of tracks recorded with Bengt's brother were released in 1983 on their Echos From The Asylum 7" on the Straitjacket label that had just been invented by Thomas the very same year. In 1984 Bjørn took over for the vocals, later Espen was replaced by Erik on bass.

Subsequently to their single Akutt Innleggelse released a couple of further tracks on numerous compilations, among others there surfaced songs on two now legendary hardcore compilations - an international compilation tape on ROIR issued by MRR columnist Mykel Board entitled World Class Punk and the Cleanse The Bacteria LP released by famous illustrator "Pushead" on his own Pusmort label. The first item has recently been reissued by ROIR on compact disc as well as there are two of the three tracks of their debut single featured on the "Bloodstains Across Norway" LP.

Thomas' statement on the end of Akutt Innleggelse: "We jumped off the hardcore bandwagon when everybody else started wearing so-called dreadlocks and started protesting dildo import etc."


( Straitjacket Records SRS-001 / Norway / 1983 )

incl. CIA-KGB; Superstjerne; Lovesong

Akutt Innleggelse's first and only disc recorded in the summer of 1983 - three tracks of juvenile delinquent punkrock! The sleeve depicts a skeleton wrapped in a straightjacket(!). The band name translates to "acute admission" - so here you go. This recording features Bengt on vocals.

The first two tracks surfaced again on the "Bloodstains Across Norway" LP.

1984 DEMO   cassette

( innspilt i Hytta, april 1984 )

incl. Jeg Nekter; Klasse; De Dør Under Hvite Føtter; Si Godnatt (Til Samfunnet); Den Fortapte Generasjonen; Alle Er Så Harde; Produkt; Søppel; De Døde Våkner

Fairly rough sounding demo recordings from spring 1984. The lineup incl. Thomas on guitar, Espen on drums, Rolf on bass and Bjørn on vocals. Some of these songs later appeared on the compilations mentioned here.

WORLD CLASS PUNK   compilation

( original cassette : ROIR A-131 / USA / 1984 )
( CD re-issue : ROIR RUSCD8243 / USA / 1998 )

incl. Klasse

Compiled by Mykel Board and released by Reach Out International, that famous cassette-only label back then (had a couple of other early-80's goodies such as Bad Brains, New York Thrash). This compilation was remastered for compact disc release in 1998, lots of further info can be obtained at ROIR's section on the "World Class Punk" compilation.


( Pusmort Records 0012-02 / USA / 1985 )

incl. Tenk Nå !

Another classic international compilation offering early tracks from Poison Idea, Seven Seconds etc. For more info check out Pushead's fansite with lots of details on this release.


NÅ ELLER ALDRI   compilation ep

( X-Port Plater 003 / Norway / 1985 )

incl. Hagen Jugend

A Norwegian hardcore compilation from the mid-80's feat. one track each by Akutt Innleggelse, Kafka Prosess (members later in So Much Hate), Siste Dagers Helvete, Bannlyst, Angor Wat, Landssvik & Psykisk Terror.

I'M BUCK NAKED   compilation cassette
( Borderless Countries Tapes BCT # 10 / USA / 1984 )

incl. ???

I THRASH THEREFORE I AM   compilation cassette
( Borderless Countries Tapes BCT # 18 / USA / 1985 )

incl. De Døde Våkner ; Alle Er Så Harde

In the first half of the 1980's BCT out of San Diego, CA released about two dozen cassette compilations that featured hardcore bands from all over the world. Both the above mentioned two volumes included songs from a Akutt Innleggelse demo tape recorded in april 1984.


( ??? / Norway / 1985 )

incl. Bratterud; Den Fortapte Generasjonen; Synd; Søppel

A little known, pretty obscure compilation tape lending its title from the Norwegian national anthem that features a selection of hardcore bands from Norway.

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