The KWYET KINGS were one of the handful of bands fronted by Arne Thelin, who has been busy since the late-eighties as lead singer for The Cosmic Dropouts and his subsequent band The Lust-O-Rama, who have been hailed by many as the 'Thee Kings of Euro-Garage'. Since day one he had been running his own label That's Entertainment Records, that left behind quite an impressive output of more than two dozen 7" and CD releases of Norwegian bands.
In 1992, after a dispute with his bandmates in the Lust-O-Rama Arne left, while the remaining members continued with new singer Alex Rosen under the name The Highrollers - however, Thelin went on as lead vocalist with two new-formed outfits, the rather Ramones styled Bittersweets plus The Kwyet Kings, that delivered a critically acclaimed blend of garage rock and power pop.
Back then the Kwyet Kings had Knut 'Euroboy' Schreiner on guitar, Kåre 'Travolta' Pedersen (from Kåre And The Cavemen / The Abusers) on bass, plus Otto Gamst (from The Cutbacks) on the drums and Pål Andreassen (ex-Cosmic Dropouts) on second guitar. Between 1993 and 1995 this line-up recorded numerous singles and released two full-length albums 'Firebeat' and 'Cherrypie' on Screaming Apple / That's Entertainment. When Arne Thelin located to Thailand to work in tele engineering - and Knut quit to take upon full-time employment in Turbonegro - the band paused for a while, and released a late third album in 1999 with a new line-up.
Besides, Otto Gamst and Pål Andreassen are now playing in The Yum Yums !


Releases w/ Euroboy :

Don't doubt my love   7"  ( Weed, France, 1994 )

FIREBEAT   LP/CD  ( Screaming Apple / That's Entertainment, 1994 )

Need my lovin' tonite   7"  ( Screaming Apple, Germany, 1994 )

Somebody like you   7"  ( 1+2 Records, Japan )

Don't put me down   7"  ( Get Hip, USA, 1995 )

CHERRY PIE   LP/CD  ( Screaming Apple, Germany, 1995 )

Talking on the phone   7"  ( Sneakers, Norway, 1996 )

Singles'n shit   CD  ( Dionysus, USA, 2000 - compiles all the above singles)